Mission Statement:

To create a new world of post-convergence entertainment that will bring the entertainer together with the audience in an atmosphere of interactivity and open creativity.

About Slipsindoum:

Slipsindoum is a fully navigable entertainment world. It's a new-concept, internet-based broadcast network designed to entertain, challenge, inform and involve.

The world network framework will grow and evolve organically through its users or citizens, who will develop its culture, make its history and ultimately participate and determine its content.

Divided into provinces, Slipsindoum's territories are subject and mood specific. This allows them to attract specific target markets. Also, each territory has a diverse host character to entertain the user or citizen. For example, Gideon Pumpkin hosts the island where the vibe, and the entertainment, is comedy.

Target markets are attracted to their specific area of interest in Slipsindoum through the use of alternate web addresses. These include: skitcomedy.com, heartunes.com, seegalleries.com, tryyoga.com, trybellydancing.com and writingsandreadings.com.

The doors to the Slipsindoum dimension were first opened in Toronto, Canada in 1996. It is the vision of Dave Lazar, sole-proprietor of Chunder, Logger & Ladstein - Entertainment that's Raw.

After years of development and exploration the portal is open and the network is ready to accept all pan-dimensional travelers with an internet connection.

Slipondown to Slipsindoum - Your dimension extension.


All content, concepts, images, audio, video and text are the exclusive copyright of Chunder, Logger & Ladstein, Entertainment that's Raw, and cannot be reproduced, reused or publicly disseminated without express written consent. All content posted by Slipsindoum citizens or visitors remains the property of the original creator.

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