Lay Lowers Biography:

An ex-rock star, Lowers tried to travel to alternate dimensions to gather new sounds but forgot how to get back.

After several attempts to return to Earth, a lost but laid back Lowers looked up his old friend and party buddy Oscar Lebretton. Word had it he'd taken his mayoring game to a new dimension.

When Lowers found Lebretton, he could feel the sweet anarchy of Slipsindoum from afar. However, he missed his fame and his cars, and he asked his old friend for the directions home.

Not likely.

Lebretton refused, instead offering Lowers his own Lagoon on Slipsindoum.

Not one to argue, Lay made the move and brought his love of music, photography and relaxation to the low-layin lounge.

A social animal, Lowers has made the best of his stay on Slipsindoum. He hosts parties and concerts, practices relaxation techniques and drinks cocktails in large leather chairs.

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