Gideon Pumpkin Biography:

Formerly an international broadcast executive, and chief propagandist for Oscar Lebretton, Gideon Pumpkin was banished to Slipsindoum for creating too many reality shows on Earth.

Like Napoleon on Elba, Pumpkin's pride prevents him from enjoying the magical dimension he sees as a penal colony.

Besides producing entertainment for Oscar and the citizens, Gideon daily strives to take the bitter-taste from his mouth as they took his empire from him.

To Gideon entertainment is battle and sleep defeat.

He's got a few problems with Hue Hue Tenango and his meditations and all Lay Lowers' loungin.

Some say Gideon will one day burst from the pressure and lack of sleep. Oscar hopes to capture the explosion on video and broadcast it from the centre.

Even Gideon is curious as to the ratings his poppin' off might generate.

Bother Gideon Pumpkin at your own peril.

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