Hue Hue Tenango Biography:

Interdimensional saviour Hue Hue Tenango (pronounced WAY-WAY-TEN-AN-GO) first came into contact with Slipsindoum mayor Oscar Lebretton, several years ago, in the good days on the Flats.

Hue Hue had come for the egg of the crane. He loved to crack 'em. And crack 'em he did, until he was all out of eggs and had to return to Earth. That was the case on this occasion.

Impressed by his numerous arms, ability to levitate and uncanny control of fire. Oscar immediately declared him super-saviour and made a speech in his honour.

"Each one of you is searching. I see that. We all are. We seek enlightenment, peace, and a swift end to Hamburger Helper. My hamburger needs no help! It is us who require aid.

We need a man who has climbed the stairway to heaven, fallen seven stories and returned, bounding up the stairs like a wild antelope. A man to whom grapes are nothing but soft fruity bullets. A man who lists light and magic as good friends and former lovers.

Is this a a man of Earth? Perhaps it is a great fish that will save us - risin' from the sea and leading us all to glory. Or maybe a pretty bird tweet, tweet, tweetin' for freedom.

I think not.

Our salvation has landed. He's Hue Hue Tenango and he's had way, way too much to drink."

The speech was recorded and became a best selling record with the help of Hue Hue's power of persuasion, ELO and The Pointer Sisters.

Now our floating, three eyed, six armed warrior of wisdom lives beneath the prophetic hoop of Kutmundee. Join him at his spiritual level.

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