Big Ruby and Sallydad's Quest

Big Ruby was a restful little tiger. A winning-cat with glowing red eyes and a strange smile, very unusual for a tiger. His best pal, and traveling companion SallyDad was a cool-ass St. Lucian warrior and guilt rider. Indeed, an elusive man. SallyDad knew he was lucky to have Big Ruby as a friend. He could ride him sometimes, and he was a worthy and loyal companion.

New Delhi 1975...

When Big Ruby and SallyDad traveled to India in the seventies, they were full of hope, pride and opium. It was something special from the beginning. Besides, SallyDad liked the way Big Ruby's eyes glowed in the dark, beneath the Indian moon.

Seven nights in seven hotels and shacks. Seven peaceful evenings of relaxed muscles and good times. Until Big Ruby saw SallyDad's flaw.

It was a night more exciting than Winterlude and warmer than an open pizza oven. SallyDad sat in the back corner of a bar in New Delhi’s party district. Big Ruby reclined happily at his side. Ordering a sandwich and two large carrot pies, SallyDad looked at Big Ruby with a smile.

"You remind me of carrot pie, Big Ruby." The mighty St. Lucian laughed, tapping the top of his faithful tiger pal's head.

When the carrot pie was served, SallyDad proceeded to jet small pieces of gravy-laden carrot at Big Ruby. The gravy stuck to his beautiful tiger coat clumping up in carrot-ball clusters. Carrots clinging to his fur, Big Ruby frowned and closed his ruby eyes.

"Oh, SallyDad," he purred, "you've covered me in carrots."

SallyDad never did recover from Big Ruby's harsh words. In fact, he had the tiger slaughtered and mounted his eyes on a gigantic turban, only to be worn on special occasions.

Sometimes, if you hit just the right tavern at just the right time in New Delhi you can see a carpet that is sure to be woven from the silky fur of Big Ruby. You can always tell by the dried carrot clumps, faithfully preserved since the mid-seventies.

Goodnight SallyDad. Rest well, Big Ruby.

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