Oscar Lebretton Biography:

The mayor of Slipsindoum was born Oscar Lebretton, fourth son of Louiza and Loaiza Lebretton of the Lebretton Flats Lebrettons. By the time he was eleven, Oscar was both his home town's mayor and foreman of its factory.

The child leader and top-notch manufacturer remained in power for ten years.

When Oscar traveled to the outstanding dimension known as 14.11.42 - 010101.9 he found it to be the most remarkable level he had ever visited. Not only did it have great physical and spiritual beauty, but they had perfected a pancake recipe he simply could not refuse.

Originally, Oscar had come to investigate a good, old fashioned lip splittin'.

Splittin' lip had always been frowned upon in Oscar's town. Somewhere just before crackin' bone and just after scrapin' skin.

Not that Oscar ever expected to find the lip-splitter. Hell, Oscar was one mayor who didn't serve McCheese. He didn't care who the lip-splitter was. He just needed a little time away.

A frequent holiday destination for inter-dimensional travelers 14.11.42 - 010101.9 had never before been colonized. Oscar immediately opened a colony and declared himself mayor. He called it Slipsindoum.

No, he didn't miss old Lebretton, Louiza, Loaiza or the metal shavings of his factory floor as much as they missed him. Lip splitters ran wild on the flats and word was a bone cracker was coming in from the East. Slipsindoum was just so much more comfortable.

Now, the first mayor, Oscar has shaped the dimension as an entertainment mecca. He tried to shape it in his likeness, but hey, dimensional carving ain't easy.


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